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 Ohessa EBHC2020 kilpailun tiedote uusista kisajärjestelyistä.

Myös WFAC2020 kilpailu on  siirretty vuodella eteenpäin. https://www.wfac2020.org/


Like with most sports the COVOD-19 virus has also affected the tournaments of the IFAA with the general lockdown of almost every European country. This is most likely to be extended well into May 2020 or even later in the year by many countries.
After consultation with the IFAA member associations in Europe, the decision was made to postpone the European Bowhunter Championships 2020 (EBHC 2020). 2/3 of the member associations in Europe have voted in favour of the postponement and there were no votes against. There was one abstention.
These championships will now be hosted from 02-10 July 2021 unless the virus keeps a grip on Europe.
The name of the tournament will remain the same and medals and any tournament memorabilia will still display “EBHC 2020”.
The World Bowhunter Championships 2021 (WBHC 2021) will be combined with the EHBC 2020 and medals and tournament memorabilia of the WBHC 2021 will display “WBHC2021”.
Australia (ABA) in turn will now be hosting the WBHC 2023 !
Archers who have already registered for the EBHC2020 and also have paid the registration fees are given the option to shoot the combined WBHC2021/EBHC2020 at no extra costs.
A large part of the registration fees have been spent on the organisation of the EBHC2020 and unfortunately a refund of the registration fees to those who do not wish to shoot the events in 2021 will not be possible.
Archers who have also paid for meals, the banquet, shirts and other tournament memorabilia may contact the tournament organisers at ebhc2020@fftl.com for a refund of the payments that were made.
The organisers are committed to contact each registered archer by email to inform them of the options.
Even though the EBHC2020 is fully booked, the organisers assure that there will be sufficient places for the registrations for the WBHC2021 for all additional archers.
Two extra ranges are planned if so required.
Archers from Europe, who have not registered or not paid their registration fees for the EBHC 2020 will pay the normal registration fees. This will be advertised on the WBHC2021/EBHC2020 website later this year.
Archers from outside Europe can only register for the WBH2021 as will be advertised later this year.
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