WBHC 2019 Yankton SD. USA



Duration: The World Bowhunter Championships shall be shot over four (4) consecutive days, September 10-13. 

Format: The WBHC 2019 Format shall consist of the following 28 target rounds: Two (2) Rounds of the IFAA Unmarked Animal Round – 3 Arrow Round; One (1) Round of the IFAA 3-D Standard Round – 2 Arrow Round; One (1) Round of the IFAA 3-D Hunting Round – 1 Arrow Round. 

Rounds may be shot in any sequence. Round schedule will be posted closer to the event.


Age Divisions-Participants must be within the division age range on September 10, 2019.  

Cubs (12 and under) 

Juniors (13-16 years)

Young Adults (17-18 years)

Adults (19-54 years)

Veterans (55+ years)

Professionals (15+ years, Must hold a current Professional membership) 

Equipment Divisions- Male and Female categories are available in the following divisions. 

Barebow Recurve (BBR)
Barebow Compound (BBC)
Freestyle Limited Recurve (FSR)
Freestyle Limited Compound (FSC)
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
Longbow (LB)

Bowhunter Recurve (BHR) - no cub division

Bowhunter Compound (BHC) - no cub division

Bowhunter Limited (BL) - no cub division
Bowhunter Unlimited (BU) - no cub division
Historical Bow (HB) - adult only division
Professional Freestyle Unlimited (PFU)


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