You can order airport transportation and/or a one-week transportation package, banquet and/or archery-specific insurance. You can include the order of several people in the order and pay for them with one invoice sent by e-mail.You can buy for yourself and also for others,


You can purchase clothing for adults and children, e.g. jackets and t-shirts, based ONLY on an advance order. Delivery of these orders is at the WBHC 2023 Competition Center in Rovaniemi. You can include several products in the order and pay for them at the time of ordering with Klarna invoicing.

Transportation services offered by Kutilan Liikenne Oy

WBHC 2023 Insurance offerred by Pohjola Vakuutus Oy

WBHC 2023 Banquet

  • Time: July 7, 2023 from 6 to 10 p.m.
  • Place: WBHC 2023 Competition Center

Terms of the WBHC 2023 SHOP Additional services and accessories

Suomen Maastojousampujan Liitto ry, FFAA is responsible for the WBHC 2023 SHOP. It undertakes to handle orders placed in the store and related deliveries confidentially. If you have any questions about your order, please send an email to WBHC2023@gmail.com. Add WBHC 2023 Shop/issue as the subject of your email.

Additional services

Kutila Oy is responsible for providing transportation services, and Vakuutus Pohjola Oy is responsible for insurance. The banquet arrangements are handled by the WBHC 2023 project.

Transportation services and banquet tickets are intended for WBHC 2023 competitors and their relatives and those belonging to the WBHC 2023 project. The WBHC 2023 insurance is intended for competitors who have indicated at the time of registration that they do not have a valid accident and liability insurance. FFAA's contact person forwards the information of the insured to the insurance company when the order has been paid.

The responsible of the order (contact person) can buy transportation, banquet tickets and insurance for several people at the same time. She/he writes the names of the users for each service. The responsible of the order receives an order confirmation in her/his e-mail and a separate e-mail invoice. The invoice payment period is two weeks. The ordered services will be valid when the related invoice has been paid. After paying the invoice, the order is binding on the payer. ​​​​​​Each person in the order will receive via email a separate confirmation of the additional services, which the resbonsible of the order has ordered her/him. 

  • Print of the email acts as a bus ticket of the round-trip airport transportation (if ordered for the user).
  • In this email is also the QR code. By showing it at the WBHC 2023 Competition Center, the service user can claim tickets of the banquet and the one-week transport package.
  • If there are any questions about the order, email to WBHC2023@gmail.com. Add 'WBHC SHOP/issue' as the subject of the email.

Accessories (e.g. jackets, t-shirts)

Kallion Kaiverrus Oy is responsible for the printing and delivery of clothing orders. The WBHC 2023 Shop for accessories uses Klarna payment methods and payment brokerage. Klarna payment methods work in all countries of the International Field Archery Association members.

The accessories are intended for the WBHC 2023 competitors and their relatives, as well as those belonging to the WBHC 2023 project. Orders for products are based on pre-orders. The advance order must be made by April 30, 2023 and it will be charged within 14 days of the order. The customer has the option to cancel the order within this time. After that, the orders go to Kallion Kaiverrus Oy and are binding on the customers.

The place of delivery of all accessories offered in the WBHC Shop is at the WBHC 2023 Competition Center, SantaSport, Rovaniemi, Finland, from June 30, 2023, to July 2, 2023.