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    Olena Kaikova

    8.8.2018 klo 11:12
    Hello, Do you have any information about Finnish Field and 3D Archery competitions available in English ? I would appreciate advice on how to participate in Finnish open competitions from any English-speaking member of FFAA. Thank you, BR Olena

  • nimimerkki

    Jakke Lehtinen

    9.8.2018 klo 21:03
    Hello Olena,

    Participating Field / 3D- competitions is easy and language should not be a problem. You can participate all the competitions as a visitor, if you are not living here. If you live in Finland and join an archery club and pay the FFAA licence, you can win a Finnish championship, make records and join Finnish teams in international competitions. So, you have the same rights as a native Finn.
    If you participate competitions as a visitor, you must take care about the insurance. I think that a licence in your own country should be enough.
    So, take a look at the page "Kilpailutoiminta" in these pages, choose a competition and register. Mention you are a visitor and that you would like to shoot with English speaking archers. The next competitions are:

    Field Finnish Championship in Perniö 18.-19.7.
    Field Round "Tapanin kierros" in Hanko / Tammisaari 2.9.
    3D Round 8.9. in Keuruu
    3D / Hunter 9.9. in Talosaari / Helsinki

    So, just contact the organizer and I guess they welcome you.


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