Instructions for competitors

When you walk on the ranges

  • Leave the area clean after you.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the service points.
  • Walk along the marked paths.
  • Any kind of digging is prohibited

Range resources

Field Captain: Vesa Vaajamäki

Range Marshals are the key people on the ranges. 

  • Pekka Jalkanen,
  • Satu Jalkanen,
  • Tuomas Kajuutti,
  • Esa Juntunen
  • Miikka Vitikka

On each course there are four range supervisors who are there to secure that everything goes smoothly and safely.

Rest places

There are two rest places on each course. From there you can buy “normal archery” food and drinks.

You can buy a food package in advance from the InfoPoint