Make your WBHC 2023 trip to Rovaniemi an experience!

Nov 15, 2022

Travelling by train from Helsinki Airport to Rovaniemi

Some archers might consider travelling by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. We warmly support the idea. It is true that the trip takes quite a long time, about 8-9 hours, but this is actually a very comfortable and economic way to travel there. We suggest two alternatives, depending on the arrival of the flights:

  1. Travelling during the daytime and arriving Rovaniemi in the afternoon / early evening.
  2. Travelling during the night and sleeping nicely in your own cabin or with a friend and arriving in the morning time.

We do not yet know the schedules of the trains but based on the schedule today, here are some guidelines:


During the daytime there are four trains from Helsinki to Rovaniemi every day. From the airport there is a shuttle train coming to Helsinki regularly and there you will have only few minutes’ walk to Rovaniemi train. If you have extra time, you can leave your luggage in Helsinki Railway Station and take a walk in the city where there are lot of nice restaurants and shops nearby. Helsinki is a beautiful city, and you can reach several beautiful places by walk.

The trains are very comfortable. There are restaurants in the train and good internet connections for your laptop if you need to work. In some cases, you must change the train once, but there are also direct lines. Now the prices vary between 57 - 68 €. Juniors, cubs and retired are having special prices, which you must mention when ordering the ticket. It is also preferable to buy the return ticket at the same time.


There are two trains for night-time travellers. This is actually a very good way of travelling. For example, a train leaving Helsinki in the evening at 23:13 arrives Rovaniemi at 11:03. When you book a cabin, your sleeping is “guaranteed”. During your booking you can decide a one-bed or more according to your needs. Now the total price for a ticket + cabin costs 139€. You can also order a breakfast to your cabin, and they will serve it in good time before your arrival Rovaniemi.

The tickets

We prefer you buy the tickets in good time before your arrival. We presume Finnish Railways (VR) will publish their summertime schedules and prices in Spring. We will naturally inform when this happens. Especially if you decide to take the night-train, the ordering is necessary. They also sell the tickets in Helsinki Railway station and airport, but you can never be sure that there will be any places left.

The Link to Finnish Railways pages (also in English):

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact our staff!

Jarkko Lehtinen, delegate of FFAA