Instructions for Corona virus

Covid instructions in Seinäjoki Arena during EIAC 2022

Dear Archers,

Starting from March 14, 2022 all legal Covid restrictions are removed in Finland. This also includes all visitors arriving to Finland and who have been Covid- checked on arrival at the border / airport.

These positive decisions, made by our government, are based on the belief that people know how to handle the covid. We know that the pandemic is not yet over.

We therefore ask every archer and their friends to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Do not arrive at the competition venue if you are feeling ill or have been in recent contact with people having an active covid-19 infection. 
  2. Use a mask always when social distancing it is not possible, and you are in contact with people. We have a lot of masks for all archers.
  3. Wash your hands with soap often. You will also find hand sanitizer easily available , please use it.
  4. You can test yourself. You can buy an “Antigen Test Kit” for private home testing from local grocery stores and pharmacies.
  5. Try to uphold the 1.5-2m social distancing recommendation. 
  6. If you need assistance with health issues you can also contact our staff.

We believe you understand our concern and accept these recommendations.

Let’s have a fantastic week!

Instructions for participants and their families arriving to Finland