Rovaniemi Open 2021

First EBHC 2023 pre competition was held in the sunshine and beautiful surroundings of Rovaniemi Ounasvaara 28-29.8.2021


Two competitions where held in single track.

  • On Saturday Animal round unmarked distances (3 Arrows) competition
  • And on Sunday 3-D Hunting Round (1 Arrow) competition

In Ounasvaara we were greeted by lovely and shiny local people, that made the event possible and successful.  

We also understand now better, how important Ounasvaara is for the local community and this is the most important lesson learned. Respect the nature, people and make it safe for everyone to enjoy amazing places like this.

Thank you Rovaniemi! 

Bellow you can find some pictures of the event. More pictures can be found from these links:

Results can be found from Ianseo