EBHC 2023

European BowHunting Championship 2023


Rovaniemi welcomes EBHC2023 to Finland’s Arctic Capital on 30th June – 8th July 2023


5-7 racetracks and practice field will be built in Rovaniemi area for archers participating in the competition.

Racetracks will be built so that transportation times are short. Current estimated distance between the competition centre to furthest track is maximum 2 kilometres. Shuttlebus transportations will be arranged to help competitors move between racetracks and other facilities.

Racetracks will be between easy and medium level of difficulty.

Because we are very north – weather may create some challenges, but then on the contrary, also archers can enjoy the miracles of nightless night, where sun won’t go under the horizon not even middle of the night.

Rovaniemi area also provides lot of possibilities for accommodations, restaurants and leisure time.

Visit https://www.visitrovaniemi.fi/ for more information regarding Rovaniemi.

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